OOPS! New kits bonanza!!!

Wow…It looks like no matter how much I prepare, I can’t always depend that everything will work on schedule! LOL! Got up yesterday morning and had not just the new kit scheduled to be turned on and ready to go but next weeks scheduled release was also turned on!!!! In addition to the Precious Memories Pt 2 and Bundle and Cinco De Mayo released at DigiDesignResort PLUS the tagger version of Cinco De Mayo released at both DigiDesignResort and at PBDesigns on Wednesday, the April Showers (Blue version) released yesterday on schedule, but….. next weeks release of Vacation was turned on at all of the stores yesterday as well! Did that make you dizzy reading it. It made me dizzy doing it. .So I’ve spent time since then, scrambling, making sure sales were turned on for all of these kits for this week and get my stuff together to make sure all of these goodies would fit on the blog and newsletter. So forgive the confusion, the thrown together look of things, but that’s pretty much how it goes having so much go live in three days!!! Whooo…. at least my trusty CT came through for me with flying colors and the last-minute scramble. Love my team!!! But I can reasonably promise that there will be no new kits next week while I recover. ­čÖé

PLEASE feel free to let me know if I missed anything, because with the tagger kits, the bundles etc..that was over a dozen kits entered into the store this week three different times. shoooo…..

Plus, I have to admit to┬ánot exactly having my head in the game when I had to do it as I was going through the usual May 5th blues, missing my son whose birthday is May 5th and who died three years ago, killed by a drunk driver as he was walking home….I get a bit down in the dumps and even though I had plenty to keep my mind occupied, it was still a struggle to keep focused on those things…Please let me know if I goofed somewhere, or need to fix it. I went over things a dozen times, but the distraction may have still caused me to miss something.

Now for today’s SCHEDULED Release! April Showers Blue. Please check your stash before purchasing this as it was my fee kit last year for My Memories kit subscription program and if you are a member, you would have received it free about this time last year. This is the first time I’ve been allowed to sell it in my stores. It’s a good size kit and I hope you enjoy it!

A few layout inspiration from the team:


Also released is Vacation (yes, another fee kit from MM that you should check your stash for as you may have downloaded it already!)

The team really came through for me with some awesome layouts! Check them out!


Because I had so many kits released this week, I had to narrow down this weeks freebies to just three! shooo….that was a chore.

This first freebie was released earlier this week for Cinco De Mayo at my Facebook Page and I’m keeping it up for the week in honor of my son whose birthday is May 5th:┬á

This next Freebie will be in my Newsletter! A pretty border created with April Showers Blue! Sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t yet so you never miss your freebies!

This last freebie is your Blog freebie! A graffiti cluster created with Vacation! You can download it here or clicking on the preview!

Thank you all for your patience with me this week. Between Facebook going on strike several times, the kits all getting turned on at the same time and me dealing with the anniversary of my son’s passing, my friends and customers have been warm, caring and understanding and I’m so thankful to all of you for your support. Thank you!

Happy Crafting!


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