Added YouTube Gadget for tutorials!

DH had to work overnight so I have a few hours before he wakes up and we start on the garden…YAY!! I have time for a quick post!

I’ve added the YouTube gadget over there on the left, but it seems to be hit or miss on showing up. That could just be on my end. If you see a video that you want to watch, you can see it from here. Plus you won’t have to go searching for them yourself. I’ve added several crafting channels to it but if there is one that you would like me to add, please leave me a comment. Don’t be afraid to ask for videos on crafts I haven’t talked about yet. I might be interested in them too!

And those pesky car videos keep showing up! I don’t know if that’s something we all have to suffer from or I’ve got a keyword that is displaying them. Oh well. Hope they work for you!


Happy Crafting,

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