Cuddle Time and With Love Studio Update

With Love Studio Update

Well first let’s get the WLS update done, shall we? After a couple of months of moving and growing pains, we are very close to being up again. Close enough that we’ve actually done some March Lovely Color kits for you all when we’re up. We have our new home, but have had troubles getting zencart up and going. That is one complicated piece of software. I know because it took me forever to design and set up zencart for my own store. So we’ve switched to another software and we’re going through some learning pains. Not nearly as complicated as zencart, but still new to most of us anyway. I probably won’t have a new kit out next week as I work on getting products into the new WLS store this next week. I can not WAIT for the store to reopen. I have missed the wonderful and warm community there something fierce and can’t wait to see you all again!

New Kit: Cuddle Time

Now to the new kit! All my nieces and nephews have been busy, busy, busy starting and adding onto their families. I decided it was time to add a new baby kit called “Cuddle Time”. Cuddle Time will be available as separate papers, elements, clusters and filler cards as well as a complete kit with everything included! It’s fun and colorful and the group has had a great time playing with it. I’m discovering that the orange zigzag pattern is a favorite of everyone! I have to admit, I was pretty happy with it myself! My other favorite papers are the pretty pink patterned paper and the baby food jar paper!

All of the separate and complete kit are on sale at all of my stores for 20% off!

Pamela Bachmayer Designs

DigiDesign Resort

and My Memories


Here are some inspiration layouts from myself and the Team!



This next layout was created by using “A Moment Captured” templates by CT member MDD!






This next layout was also created by using “A Moment Captured” templates by CT member MDD!



lana berger



After my CT Call , I’ve already added one new member to my team, Lana Beber! So happy to have her aboard. I’m still hoping to add at least one more new member but I’ve been delayed by a death in the family, a tornado resulting in loss of power and internet for several days, and a rattlesnake battle in the garage (Bachmayers: win, Snake: Lose)( though mostly it was a Hubby win as I just held the flash light and trembled in fear)! Other applicants, I will be getting back to you in the next day or two, I promise!

The newsletter will be going out later this afternoon!

Here are the Cuddle Time Freebies!

You can find this  one at my Facebook page:



This Freebie will be in the Newsletter:

pbd-cuddleTime-NL Freebie

And I created this special pieced paper just for you all here at the blog! Download here or by clicking on the preview:



Thank you all for your patience and understanding with me through all the trials of the last few weeks. Hopefully things are getting back on track again. Take care!

Happy Creating,


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