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I have been too darn sick since we got back from our cruise to be able to think well enough to post! I apologize and hope I can make up for it today! 

I’m so proud that after only a few weeks of digital scrapbooking, one of my pages was chosen as a Gallery Stand Out Last Month at! Didn’t find out until I came back from vacation! How exciting and encouraging to get such positive feedback from those who have been doing this for years! You can check it out by scrolling down to the June 22 Gallery Stand Out post at:
It’s amazing to me that I’ve been able to discover such a satisfying new creative outlet and have learned so much in such a short time. As a beginner at this, of course, I first needed to learn how and find some items to practice with. Information on HOW to do this was easy to find, but not always easy to understand as it too often assumed I had more working knowledge than I actually had. Finding free digital scrapbooking supplies was much easier so I’m going to start there. I’ll post the how to info in the next post.
If you are on FB, you’ve already got a wealth of free supplies available to you. Do a search for digital scrapbooking and you’ll find tons of FB pages for designers and online stores. Visit their pages and you’ll find links to their products with freebies available to coordinate with their kits. “Like” the individual pages, scan under their headline photo, and you should find a “fan freebie” “Exclusive” or sometimes a “train” button. Click on it and you’ll find their current freebies. Some require that you sign up for their newsletters, all require that you “like” their page. Check back often as they change out their offers monthly or sometimes more frequently. They may also have freebies available on their blogs so make sure you check those out too!
Individual stores that sell digital scrapbooking supplies will often have a “freebie” section where you can find free mini-kits, clusters and quick pages. Quick pages are pages that are already done for you; you just need to slot your photos in and voila! Instant digital scrapbook memory/page complete! You may also find free tutorials, alphas (fancy alphabets that come in graphics form that you can use to title and dress up your pages), styles (styles fancy up your graphics with shadows, highlights and all kinds of cool things that enhance your pages), masks and overlays (grab these even though you’ll need to learn how to use them later. They are wonderful tools to use and you’ll be happy you picked them) and other goodies.)
Individual Designers usually have blogs that are a wonderful source of ideas, knowledge and freebies. They often will have “blog trains” on their sites. Have you ever followed a blog train before? Book authors often have them and so do digital scrapbook designers. They usually have a general theme and color scheme they’ve decided to follow and each individual designer will create a few pieces to contribute to a complete kit. Links to the next designer and pieces of the kit will send you from blog to blog or Facebook page to collect all the pieces to a complete kit. This serves two purposes. One, to introduce you to designers you may not find otherwise. Second, they may be raising awareness to an issue that they find important, such as fibromyalgia. It can be fun and interesting going from one blog to another finding all the pieces, much like a scavenger hunt!
There are also a few blog sites devoted to daily posts on freebies being offered by other designers. You need to check them often and grab what you want because many of the designers remove the links to their freebies after a few days, though some seem to keep them up forever. Here is my favorite freebie blog for digital scrapbooking supplies:
A few stores that offer freebies:
As you collect some freebies to get started with, consider the software you will use to put your pages together. You will need a software program designed to allow you to view and work with graphic images. Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are the most common. Photoshop is the more powerful of the two, but very expensive. Photoshop Elements is a fine program and priced at $70 and up, depending on where you buy it. There are other software programs available as well that you might want to look into. Just be aware that the majority of digital scrapbooking supplies are created and designed for either of the two Photoshop programs. I know you think, that’s a chunk of money, but remember, you’re going to be grabbing lots of freebies to digi scrap with and that should keep you going for a while. Also, most kits are priced under $10 and I’ve found the majority of them priced at $5 or under.
Designs by Brigit has an amazing special going on now through July 21, 2013. You can buy her entire store for $25. That’s about 8 gigs of digital scrapping kits that would cost you almost $400 to buy separately! That’s a LOT of bang for your buck and they are lovely kits! You also get a free kit at the store for spending more than $10! Once you make the purchase, you will get an email with a coupon code that you will use to get 100% discounts from your purchases of Brigit’s products. You do need to make your purchases and download them before the end of July 2013. I found this special better than free as these kits are gorgeous and of superb quality!!! Here’s the link:
I hope this information will get you started! I’ll post more later on tutorials, and links for other great information you’ll need and/or want!
Until the next post, have a great time finding goodies to digital scrap with!

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