For the Love of Music

I think music plays an important role in all our lives. So many of those big moments are accompanied by music. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, church, dates and so much more. Even when we don’t notice it or pay attention to it, the music is usually there, setting the stage for whatever is going on. Whether the music is just background or front and center, its there. Sometimes, it is there to encourage us to get up and dance. Sometimes, its role is to lift our spirits and make us feel happy. Sometimes, it reflects the sad or less happy feelings we are dealing with at the moment and gives us a badly needed way to deal with those feelings, to know that somewhere, someone felt the same way and put it to music so we would always know that we aren’t the only ones, someone else felt it too. We aren’t the only ones who felt that sadness, that crushing pain…So we aren’t alone and we can learn to move on and the music helps us do that. What I love about music is that no matter the feeling or the occasions, music adjusts to fit and give voices to our feelings and thoughts. We can say “yes, that is exactly how I feel”. How incredible is that?

How is it that one guitar can pluck so many feelings from thin air? The piano? Or any instrument? They are just the tools someone used to express what they needed to express at the one moment that they needed to express it. Amazing.

So, For the Love of Music, is my way to express what music is for me. Sometimes, it’s soft and pretty, sometimes it’s bold and strong. Sometimes, it’s a feeling and sometimes, it’s a particular instrument that strikes a particular tone that hits me where I feel it the strongest. I hope you enjoy the kit. Thank you for letting me share it.

You can find the kit at all three of my stores on sale now at 20% off:


DigiDesign Resort

My Memories

The team created some lovely inspiration for you all. Some of the layouts are based on music, some just reflect a happy moment that music can reflect. My favorite comments from them other than “this is a beautiful kit!” was “I so enjoyed getting to use some of my old photos!”.  I hope you enjoy as well!

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And since I had already added the kit to all the stores before realizing I hadn’t added any journal cards to the kit, I thought I’d do one for this week’s blog freebie: Download HERE or click on the preview below to download the freebie!

I hope you enjoy the kit and I thank you for letting me share my love of music with you all!

Happy Crafting!


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