Indulge your Sweet Tooth! New Kit and Freebies

I confess, I’m a chocoholic! I’ve had to tell DH several times that he could keep all the sweets he wants in the house, but to not bring home chocolate because I will devour it all by myself in very little time! My second food vice is ice cream. Preferably chocolate as well. ūüôā

So you’ll understand why I created Sweet Tooth! Full of yummy goodies, chocolate wafer word art, pretty colors and fun elements! One sale at 20% off at all of my stores! (not all elements are shown and some¬†are shown smaller than actual size)

Pamela Bachmayer Designs


My Memories

The Sweet Tooth Extras pack has stamps, paints and a border to help create your layouts!

Here are the elements in the “Extras” kit on different colored backgrounds so you can see how it look. As you can see, the border has a transparent background!

Here are a few layouts from the the Team and I:









On a personal note:

DH and I have been busy hauling in hay from the pasture the past few days. Still about 10-15 acres to go, so we should finish up today. My BIL and SIL, who used the good truck last, forgot to leave us the keys so I’ve had to drive the ancient diesel, whose windows go down but only DH can manage to get back up. That was fun when it rained on me the other day. Not! LOL! ¬†I was one soaked and shivering woman by the time we called it quits that day! I know you are wondering why I didn’t just leave the windows up, but the diesel fumes like to killed me, and I’d rather get wet than be fumigated¬†out of my mind!¬†I haven’t¬†driven a stick shift in years, but it only took a few minutes to get it all back. ¬†I also did not realize diesels require a waiting period after a stall before one can start it again. Who knew? I’m usually only a passenger in the truck, not the driver.

And now for the freebies! Yay!

This first freebie can be found at my Facebook page!

This next one will be in the newsletter!

And now for this week’s Blog Freebie! Download HERE or click on the preview below!

As ever, Happy Crafting!



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