Made With Love: New Baking kit!

My grandmother was the best cook EVER and Mom wasn’t far behind, though I still lament that lack of onions in our food as we grew up! But the sweets they could both bake were the best over and nothing was more fun than being allowed to “help” make them, though I think making a mess was my personal favorite part of the process! Then I had children and grandchildren of my own, and my favorite “mom” or “grandma” chore was always being creative with the kids, whether that included art or cooking ¬†(usually baking as we were too young to do any stove top cooking) projects. It was just as special and I think they loved it as much as I did.

For all those reasons, “Made With Love” was created with a vintage feel to it, as I still use the baking utensils that we used when I was a child as I do as an adult and it was with those childhood memories in mind that the kit was created. I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane with me!

Made with Love is available at all three of my stores on sale:



My Memories

There is also a Border Add on Kit available at all three stores!

If you love them both, grab the Bundle for one low price!

Here’s some goodies included in the kit that couldn’t be shown well in the previews:

There is a psd file for the photo cluster that is available for download if you prefer that with the kit at both my own personal store and at DigiDesignResort. It’s not included at My Memories as their format does not allow for .psd files. Still, if you purchase from there and would like the file, just email me a copy of your purchase receipt from MM and I’ll be happy to make sure you get the file!

My Team really loved the borders add on and we all found ourselves using the borders on every single layout we created! You’ll see below how much punch they added to the layouts below!

I hope the kit brings you as much happiness as creating and sharing it brings to me!

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This will be this weeks newsletter freebie:

This is the new freebie for the kit at my Facebook Page:

And here is the freebie that you can get right here at the blog! Click on the photo below or click HERE!

I hope you all enjoy the kit and the freebies!

Happy Crafting!


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