New and Older kits now released!

The newest kit “Southern Comfort” was created from my own personal need to BE WARM! I might have been raised up north where cold, snow and ice are the norm, but I have grown to love the warmer clime of Texas over the years. Oh yes, I still get chilled and search for ways to get warm though when the temp dips below 60 degrees but it’s very comforting to know that I might get up tomorrow morning to a bright sunny day!

Southern Comfort has been released at all of my stores except for With Love Studio! The store has been moved, but there is still a bit of tinkering to be done to get it back to functioning as the store we love and miss!

Let me share Southern Comfort with you first:

available at :


My Memories

DigiDesign Resort


The following torn borders and clusters are included in the kit, but I created a separate page to shown them as they can easily get lost in the preview:


Here is some gorgeous inspiration from the team:

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As “With Love Studio” is still being moved to a new home, I’ve had extra time to release some of the older kits to Digi Design Resorts and My Memories so I’ve also released Nature Talks to both stores! If you  missed it the first time around, save 20% off now!

Available on sale at:

My Memories

DigiDesign Resort


Now for your freebies! yay!!

This first one is available at both my Facebook Page and in my store at My Memories:



This next freebie will be in the newsletter:


And this last one is available for you right here: Download HERE or click on the preview to download!



Keep warm, Keep Safe and Take Care!

Happy Crafting!



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