New CU Music kits!

The flurry of Hurricanes and bad weather has been playing havoc with the gulf states and islands. So many people trying to recover, physically and mentally. Homes and health need to be repaired and rebuilt. My sister and her family were evacuated from Naples but my quality control CT, Bev, was the worst impacted, being in the keys when word came out about Irma. She was able to get back to the states after several days and make her way north with her husband to safety until it was safe to return to her home in Florida. Facebook was a real blessing, able to keep in touch with those in danger to check in and let us know they were safe when they had power and internet at the same time. It was usually brief but I was always happy to hear from them. Bev, bless her heart. kept us entertained with her experience at “Noah’s Ark”, the hotel she was sheltered at that also sheltered a variety of pets as well. Bless them! She is finally home but was really ill this past week so I waited a few days for her to recover enough to qc these kits for me. Since I’m still dealing with allergies, that wasn’t much of a stretch for me. I haven’t been on top of my game either. So thank you all for being so patient with all who are dealing with the aftermath of the weather that seems to be taking one shot after another to our southern coast and neighbors. I live far enough from the coast to not be in danger but we still had our fair share of wind and rain and at least we did not suffer loss of our homes and belongings.  I know my sister and her family lost power and needed to seek shelter during Irma and I have friends throughout Texas who were severely impacted by flooding due to Harvey as well. Thank you to all who came to help or sent what you could to help those who needed it so badly. You are the best! I hope help is sent to Puerto Rico soon as well as I have so many friends there desperately needing relief. Now our southern neighbors in Mexico are dealing with a nightmare of an earthquake and I start to wonder what’s next. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has lost something or someone in the events of the past few weeks.

And now…back to work. 🙂 I gathered up some items from a few kits and will be working on some CU for the next couple of weeks to give everyone on the team more time to get back in the game.  And myself, to just be happy everyone I know and love is safe and well, even if they are still struggling with the aftermath of all the chaos.

First set of Commercial Use items I did were from the “For the Love of Music” kit. I haven’t always been careful to keep my originals, but have started doing that more over the last year or so, so that I have something to offer you all. You may also use these kits for personal use if you so choose.  They are currently on sale through Oct 6th for 20 % off at all of my stores. I will be sending out my newsletter tomorrow with your coupon for an additional 10% off so remember to sign up now if you haven’t already! Because Bev was ill all week, these didn’t get loaded into the stores until yesterday so My Memories has not had a chance to get them loaded into their store yet, but they are available NOW at:

Pamela Bachmayer Designs

and at DigiDesignResort

CU Music Elements: 

CU Music Textures:

CU Music Bundle:


I really miss Chelle’s awesome CU alphas so I’m going to try my hand at designing some this next week or so. I know I’m not the only missing one her awesome work, but I could use a new challenge and it will help the team with another week off of layouts. Wish me luck! YIKES! LOL!

Sorry that I don’t have any freebies available this week. I’ll try harder next week. 🙂

Thank you all for hanging in there!
Happy Crafting!

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