New Kit: Magic Moments and new freebies!

I had so much fun creating this newest kit. I am slowly finding photos of dolls I created when I was a doll designer and decided to create sketches and art from some of my photos. Fairies were always a favorite because you could really have fun and be creative when you had few “dress codes” to follow! One of the fairies I created made it into this kit! I hope you enjoy! Here’s a preview of the new kit (on sale now at all my stores for 20% off!) :

Now available at:

My Memories


and DigiDesignResort

Not all elements are shown. Some of the watercolor elements are in both flat watercolor or made into stickers so you can use them as you choose. Most of the elements are shown smaller than actual size. There are a couple of elements that come shadowed as they require shadows to look right. One of them, comes only shadowed, the other comes both with and without shadow.   Everything is created at 300 PPI, papers at 12 in by 12 in.

The team created some lovely and fun layout pages with the kit. I hope you find lots of inspiration from their beautiful work!

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Are you excited for this weeks freebies? I hope so as they turned out so lovely! You can find this first one on my Facebook page:

This next Freebie is a Free Quick Page in today’s newsletter!

This last freebie is available RIGHT HERE!!! 

On a personal note: Yep, I’ve injured my eye again. Not clumsiness this time, just a combination of things that affect the eyes and cause dry eyes that then cause additional problems. Dr. said I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing to prevent it, but there are just too many factors involved that complicate the issue. He added some allergy eye drops to my daily routine that should help keep the eyes from drying out so much, let’s hope! At least I finished this kit the day before but I had to delay debuting it due to the eye. Vision is still wonky and I go back this week for a recheck. I’m hoping that he says it’s as healed as possible so I can at least get a new prescription so I can see again! Or at least see well enough that working doesn’t cause the headaches that I’m currently experiencing.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Happy Crafting!


2 thoughts on “New Kit: Magic Moments and new freebies!

  1. Oh, Pam!! I pray that your eyes heal quickly!! Rest them — don’t over do! & I’m hoping that you don’t see this message until your eyes have completely healed!!!!
    Your new kit is so beautiful — the soft colors add to the magical air of the kit! Love the word arts & QP. Thanks for sharing them!
    && again — do take care of your eyes!!

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