Precious Memories

Some of my own favorite precious memories are those that include crafting with my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Whether that meant playdoh (for the smallest of them) and then eventually to paint, glue and scissors, sewing or felting as they got older….it was our time to share our passion for creativity. My freezer door was always covered with their artwork. I can’t wait for the next generation of children to spend the day with and sharing the love of creating!

Those are the thoughts that went through my mind as I created this kit. What papers did they chose? (always the prettiest papers, guaranteed!) Same with the embellishments, they would choose the prettiest in my stash. Tearing up papers? Oh yeah! They loved the idea that imperfection was not only perfectly acceptable but perfect! And how fun is it to tear up papers and be praised for it to boot! LOL!

So Precious Memories is all about those Precious Moments spent scrapping and crafting with the kids. On sale now!

Not everything in the kit is shown on the preview. There are 7 nearly full size torn papers (3 patterned and 4 solid colors) and a few torn and worn paper elements not shown. I also added glitter papers to the kit because my youngest granddaughter loved her glitter!

Here are a few layouts by the team for your inspiration!

My team LOVED this kit. They said the papers were beautiful, the colors were beautiful but they wanted more. So……NEXT week, I’ll be releasing part two of the kit, keeping in mind the elements that they wanted MORE of plus adding a few of my own ideas. No papers in pt 2, just elements.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

Personal note real fast before I get to the free goodies:

Yep, I’m late again. My creative team and I work out of a “secret” group on Facebook. However, Facebook must have changed a lot of settings on me Wednesday, so I wasn’t able to get on to grab the team layouts until very late last evening so I’m late getting the blog and Newsletter out today.  It was very frustrating but I decided to try a different browser last night and FINALLY, I was able to get into my group, post and grab the layouts. Add that to my computer’s tendency to go into an endless loop for each update and it was a very frustrating week.

Now to the freebies! yay!!!

You can find this next Freebie at my Facebook Page:

You’ll find this next freebie ( A quick page) in my Newsletter:

And this pretty frame cluster is available for you RIGHT HERE!

Happy Crafting!

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