Sometimes, I need some hands on crafting time!

Though I’m loving learning how to digital scrapbook, I still love spending time in my studio too. Here is a project that I am currently working on. The green vase and the star dish came from the dollar store, the tall gold vase came with last years anniversary flowers. (Good hubby, good hubby).

Aren’t they pretty? They all started out as plain clear glass pieces that I used alcohol inks on to decorate the outside of each one. There are many tutorials on how to do this, these are the two that I used:
To get a mottled look
Some basics

I used some alcohol inks that I made myself along with some Tim Holz brand inks that I purchased. I can make a lot of my own colors, but the silver, gold, black and white are a different animal. I may or may not ever need the black and white, but I have found myself using the two metallics very frequently. I love the rich look that they add to my work.

I personally found that if I waited over night between layers, I was more likely to get a thicker application on my glass pieces. Since the inks add a transparent color to your projects, you can control how much color you add  to your piece by adding additional layers. However, alcohol inks don’t react to water, but they will react to alcohol so the application of more alcohol inks over previous layers will cause a reaction between the two layers. The ink on the previous layers will move around and mix with the new layer. Sometimes this is something you want to happen as you can achieve some incredible marbling effects. However, for my glass pieces, I really did want more opacity to my pieces. For this, I allowed extra time to dry to reduce how much reaction was created between each layer.

Once they were dry, I let them sit a couple of days, then took them outside to the patio to apply a spray varnish. I placed some butcher paper under them to protect the table. The varnish I used is a Matte Acrylic Barniz Varnish. It is permanent and waterproof. Now that they are dry though, I think that next time I go to town, I’ll pick up some in a gloss finish.

Here’s a handy tip for you: Make sure you have some baby wipes handy and wear something to protect your clothes. The alcohol inks will stain your hands, your clothes and your table top too, so put something down to protect that as well. You can use the baby wipes to clean up with if you do it promptly. They’ll even do a good job on your hands. You may decide using gloves is a better solution for you if you have just had a nice manicure. 🙂 Once the ink has had a chance to dry, I’ve found that it will clean up well if I sprinkle it liberally with alcohol and then wipe it up with some paper towels.

YouTube was my best friend when learning how to use these inks! There are tons of videos there that will teach you different techniques, tips, tricks and general how tos using alcohol inks. There are even several on how to make your own ink. Here is the one that I used (I used 91% alcohol, purchased in the pharmacy area of Walmart)
Homemade Alcohol Inks

These pieces could be considered finished at this point if I decide that’s where I want to stop, but my Pazzles Inspiration machine has been calling my name, whispering that I really need to add something to them. I’m going to think on that for a few days and see what ideas come to me.  I’ll post any additions to these projects, but it might be a week or two. That garden is producing like crazy and I’ve put up enough squash to feed an army and the tomato bushes are starting to produce too. Yikes!!

Having said that, I probably won’t be posting again until Monday. With hubby home on the weekend, I’m pretty sure that we’ll be spending most of it canning or freezing veggies.

Until then, Happy Crafting!

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