Water Color Dreams, New Kit!

Hey everybody! If you’ve been following my personal Facebook page, you know I’ve been dealing with my new eye regime (That is a major pita with gigantic vitamins, several kinds of eye drops, cleaning, rest, etc!) and my husband cleaning out his parents house and belongings. He’s driven me a bit nuts about the latter, the clutter, the odd things he feels the need to save (and store or display in our house!) and I share this with you because of the name of this kit. How does that even relate you ask? I had so much fun just designing this kit that I didn’t even think about a name for it. As I sometimes do, I threw it out there to the team and CT Jenni came up with “Water Color Dreams” which we all loved! Then Jenni shared this with us:  “It was either that or “Half-Blind Drug-Induced Haze Fueled by Clutter Frustration” Yeah…I cracked UP!!!! Have I told you that I absolutely LOVE my team?!?!?!  You can decide for yourself which name would have fit the kit better, but as you can see, I went with the first suggestion. Introducing “Water Color Dreams” 

The kit is available in my personal store, DigiDesignResort and at My Memories!


Water Color Dreams is a fairly small kit, with only 9 papers, a full upper and lower case alpha with numbers and common punctuation and 37 elements (this includes the 7 masked clusters and paint).  

Here’s a preview of the papers:


I also created an add on, the “Water Color Dreams More” kit that is sold separately and is included in the bundle with the main kit.  This kit adds 5 more paint and masked clusters:

At the last minute, I decided to make brushes of some of my art for the kits. I wasn’t able to turn everything into brushes as some of the psd files did not save correctly, so I used what I had as I am still on restricted computer time for my eyes. The doodle lines and the floral and butterfly bodies are separate brushes in the set to make using them easier. These brushes are only available at my personal store and at DigiDesign Resorts. They are also included in the bundled package at those two stores only.


As I was creating the kit, I wanted to make sure that the traditional and artsy elements all worked well together. Here are two layouts I created as I played. The first one is my mom and I (when I was much shorter). This layout only uses the main kit:


This next layout uses the same “traditional” elements as the first layout but I used masked clusters and paints from the bundle in this layout. This time, I played more in mixing things together. I clipped the elements (the bird, the leaves and the swirl again, plus a couple more elements) to the paint and masked clusters and reduced the opacity of the elements to blend in for a more watercolor look to everything. I also blended in the knotted ribbon into the layout same as the other elements. I left the top ribbon and Ry’s name as separate elements.  (I created a qp freebie for you all using this layout. You can only get it Free in the newsletter!)


The team had a good time playing too! Here’s inspiration from the team! It never ceases to amaze how one kit can suit so many styles of scrapping! Gorgeous layouts from the team!

Don’t forget to grab this week’s freebies! This QP freebie will be in the newsletter!

This tag freebie is available on my Facebook Page: 

And you can grab this cluster freebie right here today! DOWNLOAD

I can’t wait to see what you all do with the kit!
Happy Crafting!


4 thoughts on “Water Color Dreams, New Kit!

  1. my heart goes out to you with your struggle with your eyes. i’ve worn glasses since i was a child and i must say that my eyes and vision are probably the most important things to me!

    wonderfully beautiful kit … love the colors and just everything. thank you for the freebies! my thoughts are with you! kind regards, lisa

  2. Thank you Lisa. I appreciate hearing that others enjoy what I love to do.
    I too have worn glasses since I was a child so I understand. Losing my eyesight would destroy me so I am doing everything I can to keep it as I don’t know what I would do if I lost it.
    However, it is only one of the many physical problems I’ve dealt with throughout my life. I had encephalitis when I was 13 which curtailed much of my physical activities for the rest of my life. I can and DO do many things, but within reason as I loose my balance easily, get dizzy and sometimes I pass out. When I’m tired or stressed, my ability to remember things takes a vacation. That is the WORST of everything as it annoys me and the other people in my life because we never know when things are going to “take” in my head and when they are going to just slip right through without finding a home in my brain! Thus, I try to keep notes of EVERYTHING possible or my life would be a mess as I’d never remember things. I’ve lived my life as fully as possible, including having and raising a family. Some things I simply refuse to do because I know I could get hurt badly (and have the scars to prove it) and some things, I will only do when I have someone with me. I’ve had severe injuries several times in my life because I wasn’t paying attention or mistakenly thought that I could do something I should have known was unwise. I have nearly lost the use of both of my hands(And not even at the same time, but years apart!) that have threatened my abilities to be creative and indeed did make it impossible for a couple of years at a time as I learned to overcome those disabilities and regain as much use of my hands as possible. I am known as a klutz and I own it because it’s true. 🙂 Being creative is the only thing I love to do that I can do without fear. It’s necessary as breathing. As long as I am able, I will.

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