whoa! The page needs some color!!!

I changed the template for the blog and I really like the more professional look. But it is missing some color!!! I can easily fix that by sharing some of my newest digital scrapbook pages. You’re okay with that right? Well…I’m going to do it anyway. LOL!

DH’s father owns a local cotton gin and is a director for the Texas Cotton Ginner’s Association. Twice a year, we get to go on trips for the gin, once to Lubbock for the annual Ginner’s show and then a place of the current presidents choice for their annual meeting. We were really hoping for a cruise trip so DH put the bug in the Mr. Pres.’s ear while waiting in the elevator at the Ginner’s Show last year, hoping it would take. Yeah! A cruise trip was chosen! But yikes…we’re all booked for the 5 day cruise when it’s all over the news that the ship we are scheduled for is floating around the Gulf of Mexico for several days! You guessed it…Our ship was the Triumph. Well…it was completely renovated and we sailed off when it was our date to go with some trepidation but luckily, it was just as amazing as we had hoped for. We stopped in Progesso and Cozumel before heading home and arrived back safely in Galveston last week.

I’ve started making some pages of our trip, but I only have a few done at the moment. Should brighten up the blog though!

These first pages are of photos taken by my SIL. Because you know who forgot to charge her camera battery…:( Our first stop was in Progresso. We toured the city and then visited some awesome mayan ruins, later having fun in the cenote (sinkhole full of drinkable water) before heading back to the ship. All of these pages were done for challenges and so had to conform to the challenge rules.

Then it was back to the ship for the usual food, drinks, shows, gambling and what not.
Next day, we docked in Cozumel. Having been there before, we already knew we wanted to go to Chaukanaub Park and snorkel. We even brought our own snorkling gear with us. The cab ride was fun…not…but we arrived safely. The park provided us with a guide to take us on a tour of the park, free of charge. Fascinating but warm. We were all ready to head for the beach after the tour.

After some snorkeling, we ate lunch on the beach and relaxed. Four of us decided to have some massages on the beach and spent a wonderful 45 min relaxing and getting the treatment. Heaven! I was so lazy afterwards though that I just laid around the beach like a slug till it was time to go. Oh fun! The taxi back is crowded and how lucky that we got one with the roll down the windows, drive 60 miles an hour type of air conditioning! Then the long wait in line to get back on the boat. It was still a wonderful day and we still had one more day on the boat.

Here the only page I have finished of our Cozumel Stop:

That night, we celebrated Joyce’s birthday at dinner: Happy Birthday Joyce!

Hope that added some happy color to the page until next time! Don’t forget to scroll down to my last post for help finding tutorials on Scrap Booking!

As always, Happy Crafting!

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