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Hello, fellow scrapbook addicts! My name is Pamela Bachmayer and I live in central Texas with my wonderful husband of 15 years. I have 2 grown daughters and 4 awesome grandchildren ages 8 to 20. I lost my middle child, my son Kelly on April 26, 2014 when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver as he walked home from 6th street in Austin. His loss has left a huge loss in all our lives and he is missed every moment.

I've been involved in crafts and creativity for most of my life, having learned to crochet from my grandmother as a small child. I grew up, married and started raising a family. I wasn't exactly rolling in the dough. I would see things I wanted, but couldn't afford to buy. I could MAKE it! And often I did just that, even if I had to learn how first. Over time, I found myself straying from the original idea, making my own changes and sometimes completely redesigning the project to suit my own tastes. I was barely learning to do those things when on a whim, I submitted a crochet design to a magazine and it was accepted! I was blown away! From there, I went on to a 10 year career as a freelance crochet and needlecraft designer for publications and manufacturers. I loved designing, hated writing those instructions.

When I discovered dolls, I was in heaven. I could combine my love of creating with my love for dolls and NO INSTRUCTIONS TO WRITE!!! Another 10 years as a doll designer came to be and I loved every minute of it.

When we decided to build our home, the dolls went on hold. I spent a few years just crafting and creating for myself and designing and building our home with my husband. Yes, we did most of the work ourselves and though it was a LOT of work and took time, I loved it! I had to learn how to stain cement, faux paint, lay tile, install insulation and floors but it was so worth the end result. I love my home!

When I was finally able to start working on dolls again,I had an accident with my hands. It robbed me of my ability to hand sew and paint those tiny faces and clothes and I was crushed. I'm able to type again now and working on developing my skills with my Wacom tablet, but I don't have the fine motor skills to do dolls anymore. Every day, they improve, but I will never have the abilities I once had. No worries, I'm adaptable. I found a new love.

About my designs:

I've been asked to identify my style as a designer. I honestly can't say. As a doll designer, I also did not feel I had a definitive style, yet other designers and doll collectors have told me that they can always identify a doll as mine whether I was listed as its designer or not, no matter the theme or category of doll, they could recognize it as mine. When I asked them how they knew, they said they just knew, they had an identifiable look.

The only thing I can think of is how I approach designing. Again, I will pull on my experience as a doll designer to say that I usually only had a vague idea of what I was going to create when I started. Sometimes I simply wanted to experiment with a new technique or skill I had learned, maybe a theme or category I had never attempted. Maybe it was just a wonderful textured silk fabric and lace I discovered. Since I thrive on learning new skills and techniques, my designs were constantly evolving, becoming more refined. Sometimes I was afraid to try a new category because I wasn't sure I could bring something new to the table or it was out of my comfort level, but I'd give it a shot. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Usually that depended on whether I was able to connect with the doll as I was creating it. Yet they were always easily identified as dolls that I had created, no matter what theme or category I was creating. I was even considered an "innovator" in the field by some as I was always attempting to bring new techniques to the craft. Not always successfully, but most often it was and it was always interesting.

As I worked on each doll, it often became more than a doll, more of a personality to me. More than all the parts, but the sum of all the parts, an expression of what I was seeing developing and evolving. I might change what I had originally planned half way through the design as I saw the vision that was developing often did not coincide with the original “plan”. I was very much a "go with the flow" type of designer. If I tried to ignore what I felt about the design as it was developing and stick with the original idea, the design suffered. I learned not to ignore those feelings and to adapt the design to what is was supposed to be, rather than to any plans I had had for it.

Because of an accident with my hand, I was forced to give up designing dolls and search for a new way to express my creativity. When I found scrapbooking, I was so excited! It was very similar to designing dolls, in that the challenge was a creation of bits and pieces, an overall look or feel, an expression of a feeling or vision. I loved working with alcohol inks, stamps and paint to create papers to work with. I designed metal (aluminum) pieces on my Pazzles Inspiration to use in my pages. I did not stop there, but set about decorating my home, creating small mixed media art for my family, etc. However, it sure was messy. My hand did not have the fine coordination I was used to having and I struggled with cutting and gluing. I did not "design", but simply created for my own pleasure.

When I discovered digital scrapbooking, I was ecstatic! I was instantly obsessed! Over a few short months, I discovered that scrapbooking easily fulfilled the same creative drive and need that dolls did with the same advantages. There would be new techniques to learn for YEARS!!! How awesome was that!?!?! I definitely will NOT be an innovator in this field. I'm years behind the major players. I do plan to enjoy the adventure however!

I hope you join me on my journey to discovery and growth as a digital scrapbook artist and designer. I hope my designs evolve over time and that you enjoy being with me on this wonderful new adventure. You probably won't like everything I do, but if I create something you love once in a while, I'll be a happy camper!

Happy Crafting!

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