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Customer Satisfaction

Reward for bringing mistakes and errors in digital kits to my attention!

$5.00 off next purchase coupon!
The first person who tells me about the problem will get the coupon
Finding multiple errors in the same Kit will be rewarded with a $10.00 Off Coupon

Yes, that's right. I want to be the best designer than I can be. I want YOU to be happy with my kits. It might kill my ego, but I'd rather have satisfied customers, and good quality kits. I will promptly fix the problem, update the file and send out notifications!

Yell at me if you need to, but please contact me. Errors happen. I or my checker(s) might be distracted by a phone call, a door bell, a child or a hubby and things can be overlooked. For whatever reason, I might not SEE the problem until it brought to my attention. I try to make sure I double check when that happens, but the possibility is always there.

If you think I'm over charging, let me know about that too! There's no reward for that and I might not be able to change that particular issue, but I'll definitely take it under consideration.

On the other hand, if you think I'm doing great, you want to tell me you love me ( work), or just to talk, feel free to contact me for that too!

You can contact me any time for any reason at:

Thank you all so much for supporting PBDesigns!
Happy Crafting!

Pamela of PBDesigns
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